Ammonia Free Organic Keratin Treatment


Ammonia Free Organic Keratin Treatment

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Advantage of it : 

This product uses the newest ammonie free sulfhydryl acetic acid

synthesis formula .

helping hair increase elasticity and strength and restoring hair damage .

Hair will become fragrant , soft , and radiant after use


How to use :


1. Wash your hair thoroughly with professional shampoo. Rinse with a towel and dry to 80%.


2, the hair partition, the No. 1 softener evenly applied to the hair (from the hair roots), depending

on the hair quality, softening time 10-25 minutes, check the hair softening state, softened after

washing with warm water Wipe dry


3, split the hair, use 3 doses of care agent evenly spread on the hair for 5-10 minutes, let the hair

completely absorb nutrients


4, adjust the ion temperature to the appropriate temperature (140 ° C -180 ° C), depending on the

quality of the hair, then the partition is clamped from top to bottom, even straightening and shaping


5. Apply evenly on the hair with the No. 2 styling agent, follow the natural growth direction of the hair,

and straighten the hair straight. Styling for 15-20 minutes, rinse off with warm water.

Finally, feel free to shape.




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