Long Hair Survival – Brazilian Protein Hair Treatment Guide

Long Hair Survival – Brazilian Protein Hair Treatment Guide

Since inception, protein treatment is a proven method to completely transform heat damaged and color processed hair, yet it is the last thing that women opt for. To strengthen hair from roots, and nourish each strand protein treatments work exceptionally for hair growth and maintenance.

Proteins made up of keratin and amino acids act as the building blocks of hair. Over the time, exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions like direct sunlight or UV radiation and wind causes these building blocks to shatter with hair ending up brittle and dry. Even after the damage has been made, hair shaft can still be repaired by seeking help from protein treatments that fill in the gaps between broken bonds by deposits of amino acids.

Cutting it short, longer the hair greater will be the damage from constant exposure to damaging conditions. Other factors like heat and chemicals used for styling also top up the existing damage but all the misery has one unbeatable solution – a high-end protein treatment.

Enzo Professional – How Frequent Should be the Protein Treatment?

There’s no point to frequently treat hair for protein when it’s already present out there. But the point is, how to determine that? It’s simple, all it takes is checking the hair for porosity level – the ability of hair strands to absorb and retain protein. Greater the porosity higher will be the demand for protein maintenance.

Porosity level depends on many different factors like genetics, surrounding environment and hair care. It can be gauged through a simple procedure – placing the fallen out hair strand over a bowl filled with water. Three minutes of observation will reveal the hair quality.

If the hair strand stays on water surface without any part of it sinking then the porosity level is significantly low, meaning it has high tendency to retain protein and low porosity determines healthy hair, having no need for regular protein treatments. In case, the ends of hair strand sinks a little it’s negligible and to maintain the hair strength any homemade protein hair mask can be applied to repair any subtle damage existing due to daily wear and tear.

Other possible condition is that the hair strand will kind of sink and kind of float, even if it sinks by a millimeter then it indicates medium porosity level. To handle this condition, high-end hair care products like Enzo professional constructive shampoo and a protein-rich leave in conditioner can do wonders. The protein-rich hair wash routine will saturate the gaps in hair strands with protein deposits, leaving hair locks shinier and healthier.

Hair Magic – Brazilian Protein Hair Treatment

Hair strand that sinks completely has high porosity level, which certainly means that it lacks the ability to retain protein and demand for regular protein treatments is significantly high. There are two best solutions to treat damaged hair – visiting the salon for a professional-grade treatment or purchasing Brazilian Protein hair treatment. Salon protein treatments are most likely to last for 6 weeks whereas, at-home treatment Brazilian Protein hair treatment is both, an inexpensive and effective way to repair damaged, dull and dry hair.

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