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Chrysanthemums burst into bloom in Kaifeng更多>>
Wu Yajun, chairwoman of Longfor Properties Co Ltd, lost her title as Chinas richest woman after divorcing. 2020-10-30
Yasser Abdih, a senior economist on the US desk of IMFs Western Hemisphere Department, said the constraints that need to be addressed include weak productivity growth, an aging population, falling labor force participation, increasingly polarized income distribution and high levels of poverty. 2020-10-30
The stable macroeconomic policy demonstrates Chinas steering capacity in economic development while promoting reforms and opening up, Zhu said. 2020-10-24
Blanc hopes his side is able to raise its game against the London club as PSG seeks to live up to the sky-high expectations surrounding it inside France, where there is a growing belief it can go all the way and lift the trophy in Lisbon in May. 2020-10-5
The commission also received about 300 such reports by telephone over the six days, equivalent to last year, it said. 2020-10-10
She had the scariest stories reserved for those who were born under the zodiac symbol of the upcoming year but failed to have a piece of scarlet cloth tied to their belt. 2020-10-22
The center exports about 80 percent of its products, mostly to African countries. 2020-10-12
By setting up a factory in Uzbekistan, we reduced the cost of our products by about 50 percent compared with sending them from China by train, said Zhou Jiaqiang, who manages a ceramic tile factory 70 km from Tashkent, the Uzbek capital. 2020-10-18
Fashion event for diplomats takes center stage[9]更多>>
The report did not give the total number of participants in the survey. 2020-10-20
Chinas Baosteel and Germanys Siemens have jointly participated in Industry 4. 2020-10-21
2 percent year-on-year to . 2018-10-26
Efficient methodsCaptain Liu from Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co Ltd is one of many who benefited from the Chinese navys efficient anti-piracy methods. 2017-7-7
Media outlets such as CCTV and Peoples Daily all sent online messages to salute the National Day. 2019-3-19
More than 14,000 Chinese pilgrims went to Mecca on a government-organized trip in 2014. 2015-10-31
She was paid 100 yuan for it. 2018-3-14
Chinas stocks rallied in 2014 after years of slump, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index closing last year with a 53 percent surge, its biggest annual gain since 2009. 2016-1-31
Anti-graft crackdownBEIJING - Yang Baohua, a former senior political advisor of Central Chinas Hunan province, had been stripped of Party membership for serious discipline and law violation, the discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said Tuesday.
At the end of June, Thales once again confirmed its growth momentum, with a solid order intake and a 5.
Ronaldo left Barcelona forward Messi in the shade after he won the Ballon dor award for the third time at the FIFA ceremony held in Zurich, Switzerland on Monday.
Xi said that officials of the government and Party members should eliminate undesirable work styles such as formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance.
According to the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Committee, the whole city will be covered with free high-speed Internet access in about three years and Beijing will build more than 200,000 wireless access points.
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A lawyer for the Binhu district health and family planning commission told Xinhua News Agency that Zhangs earnings in 2000, 2003 and 2005 totaled 3.  The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Industry Committee and Egypts Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport inked the deals relating to deepening Sino-Egyptian links in the automotive industry.
In 2015, Chinese manufacturers in the sector made 12 new investments in the US, Germany and the United Kingdom, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the total number of overseas investment projects between 2013 and 2015.  China is capable of paying pensioners on time, despite deficits in the endowment insurance funds in some provinces and the pressure brought by a quickly aging population, social security authorities said.
Tourists visit Gobi area in Inner Mongolia更多>>
BMW may double engine production in China JV BMW M at North American Auto Show. 2019-7-28 
Xi Jinping (center), chairman of the Central Military Commission, poses for a group photo with Zhang Shengmin (first left), chief of the CMC Discipline Inspection Commission, after a promotion ceremony in Beijing on Thursday. 2019-11-21 
Australia OKs Chinas State Grids investment Top 10 trading partners of the Chinese mainland. 2016-9-6 
Were exactly where we expected to be, Martin said in an interview in Hong Kong on Friday, referring to his units growth in the delta region, which encompasses cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. 2015-5-11 
Chongqing unveiled a 1. 2015-11-23 
The test result was based on samples of Liptons black, green, jasmine and tieguanyin teas purchased randomly in Beijing in March. 2017-11-29 
This is why the political elites of the participating countries must be aware that success is granted only if all participants build their relations on the Belt and Road principles of joint discussion, co-construction and sharing; creating an open, inclusive, balanced and benefits-sharing framework of regional economic cooperation; practicing a new approach to sharing power and responsibility; and pursuing benefits and righteousness alike. 2017-3-25 
  Friends show their worth更多>>
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (right) shakes hands with visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, capital of China, July 5, 2013. 2018-10-1 
HONG KONG - Hong Kongs overall consumer price rose 3. 2015-10-31 
The deal is seen as highlighting the carmakers drive to tap the expertise of European financial firms, although the transaction awaits regulatory approvals. 2017-12-11 
Internationally, China pursues a greater opening-up and peaceful development. 2017-4-5 
The foundation launched the joint program in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) in 2009 to provide free insurance for the children of poor families and 712,000 orphans under the age of 18 who are registered with the MCA. 2018-4-1 
During the visit of former Prime Minister K. 2015-7-7 
Besides the pain, what bothered Yang Zhihong the most during a circumcision were the female nurses lingering in the operation room. 2016-10-16 
Tourists pack beach in heat wave更多>>
The attack occurred at 5:50 am Wednesday in Lukqun Township in Shanshan County in the autonomous regions Turpan prefecture. 2018-11-6 
The lucrative coal and construction sectors are most appealing to Chinas trust funds. 2015-10-3 
In February, several female students from Guangzhou in south Chinas Guangdong Province lodged performance art of occupying male toilets to raise attention from people. 2016-8-10 
A government employee, who gave only her surname, Li, said she will not be affected as authorities started restricting the number of banquets that government employees can attend in 2014. 2017-9-29 
Most people who have been following the news should be getting the sense of potential in the long term, which is always the Chinese strategy. 2016-7-25 
The watchdog said they will also report the case to the provincial public security bureau for further investigation. 2015-1-24 
The figures suggest that Chinas economic growth continued to recover in February, said Zhong Zhengsheng, director of macroeconomic analysis at CEBM Group, a subsidiary of Caixin Insight Group. 2016-2-6 
4 in December 2016, according to the survey conducted by financial information service provider Markit, sponsored by Caixin Media. 2018-8-25 
  Boost set for privacy on internet更多>>
I guess they needed it, for history indicated that medieval recipes were heavy and stodgy. 2018-7-26 
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrives with police by car at the financial investigation unit in Paris to be presented to a judge on Tuesday. 2016-4-15 
The moves quickly put California at the forefront of what was expected to be a new wave of proposed firearm restrictions at the state and federal levels in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. 2016-6-14 
It consists of more than 1,600 parts and is made of third-generation aluminum-lithium alloy, used for the first time in a commercial aircraft in China, Hongdu said in a statement. 2017-2-17 
2 percentmission Chairman Xiao stressed that there would be three priorities this year for SOE management and reform: to strengthen State-owned capital supervision, enhance risk control and deepen State-owned enterprise reform. 2018-7-22 
Now, the brave new world of Industry 4. 2017-12-15 
Related stories:Xis Mongolia visit lauded as significant to bilateral tiesXi pledges to boost ties with neighborsSilk Road could revive vital link between East and West. 2016-12-3 
Wu Yu, from Yunnan, said he had never bought train tickets online, and that he was happy that someone helped him with the process this year. 2019-9-27 
Pottery artists mold their dreams at Jingdezhen更多
Taiwan singer-actor Chen signs deal with Universal更多
  How to bring it to the attention of audiences abroad?Swersky said the internet was an excellent platform to draw attention to Chinese culture. 4 billion, second highest from among the seven nations. Hope has replaced the negative word, as China talks more about what the country hopes for and how it would go about it, he said. But we have no plans to target European customers, Liu said. Weve heard of rumors of a leopard here for many years, but never found any solid evidence.
  Gong Bo / Provided to China DailyThere are more than 80 kinds of illnesses related to sleep orders, which should not only be solved through medical means but also social and psychological methods, Han said. Other cultural events such as a calligraphy arts festival, a melon festival, and cultural and tourism promotion and calligraphy works exhibition will also take place. Standard Chartered Bank joined with the Agricultural Bank of China in December to provide the services. Li Weimin, director of the Beijing Weibo Law Firm, agreed and said the fines are too steep.